Billy Joe Saunders slams Chris Eubank Jr.

WBO world super-middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders believes his fellow countryman Chris Eubank Jr. will never be a world champion and that he only wants to fight Saul Alvarez for the big payday.


Both Eubank Jr. and Saunders are in the list of potential fights for the Mexican superstar, but they are not the only ones. Two other Brits – Callum Smith and John Ryder are also in the queue, but none of them are in a position of power to make Alvarez fight them.

Saunders and Eubank are trading words for the past couple of weeks, trashing each other accomplishments and careers. Eubank accused Saunders of not fighting Canelo on short notice because he needed more time for the drugs to leave his body.

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“You can’t entertain someone like him,” said Saunders to IFL TV about Eubank Jr. “He’s never going to be world champ. I’ve said this many moons ago. He’s not good enough to be a world champion.

“He wants a payday. He’s lucky that he’s got a dad like he is. He can keep him on a scale to get him a few quid for a fight, but he’s not going to be a world champion.

“I’m sure he’s just chucking his name in to get in the mix with Canelo to stay relevant, which is he’s not relevant to any of us because he hasn’t got no title. He hasn’t anything worthy of us taking from him.

“The only thing he’s got worthy is his name, and I already took that. So until he’s got something worthy of me taking,” said Saunders.

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