Bivol vs Smith Jr: Final press conference quotes

The fighters met up on Wednesday for their final press conference ahead of the bout.


”Thank you all my team who helped me in my training camp and all my sparring partners.”

”I am ready to fight. I hope Joe is ready, too. We will make a great fight.”


“I’d like to thank everyone who helped get this fight for me.”

“I’ve put everything I’ve had into this training camp and worked really hard.”

“This is what every fighter dreams of, to get a shot at a world title and this is my shot.”

“I am going to bring the belt back home to my home town and share it with my family and celebrate with everyone who helped me get to this point.”


“I firmly believe this man [Bivol] is the best 175-pound fighter in the world.”

“It’s about stories, it’s about drama, and everyone here has their opportunity.”


“Be sure to tune in on DAZN. Subscribe. All the union guys across the country go right online and be sure to catch this fight.”

“Joe Smith Jr. has always been something special. He’s got a great boxing IQ and a sledgehammer in both hands. Dont blink Saturday night.’

“We are fighting a great fighter in Bivol, who is, I believe, the best light heavyweight out of all of the champions, but Joe was a 25-1 underdog when he KO’d Fonfara and did it again when he was not supposed to beat Hopkins. We expect Saturday night to be a great night.”

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