Bob Arum not happy with the judging of Loma – Lopez

Very few people in the world could’ve predicted the final score of the Vasyl Lomachenko – Teofimo Lopez unification bout this past Saturday.

The Ukrainian was the favorite to win it all, but the 23-year-old Lopez proved everybody wrong, doing the unthinkable and defeating “Hi-Tech” via UD.

It was a brilliant fight with Lopez dominating the first half of the bout, making the most out of its height and reach advantage. The two-time Olympic champion was landing, but not at the usual pace we’re used to seeing him doing it.

There’s no doubt Lopez won that fight. However, Top Rank’s Bob Arum wasn’t happy at all at hte judges’ scores. The legendary promoter said after the fight that there’s no way Lopez won via such a wide margin (116-112, 119-109, and 117-111).

The 119-109 was given by Julie Lederman. She’s a ring side judge since 1996, but Arum said he doesn’t want her to judge another Top Rank fight of fighter. And Arum is 100% right!

“Julie Lederman, what kind of fight was she watching,”  Arum said via Yahoo Sports News. “These judges are the craziest. … Lopez won the fight, but Lomachenko won four of those rounds in the back end.”

“I would advise any fighter I would have to ask the commission not to appoint her,” Arum said.

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