Bob Arum says Errol Spence won’t be back soon

Top Rank’s head Bob Arum stated that he was told that unified welterweight champion Errol Spence (26-0) won’t be making his ring return in the foreseeable future.

Spence Jr. was involved in a horrific car crash on October 10 in Dallas, Texas. He crashed his Ferrari 488 Spider while “traveling at a high rate of speed.’ His Ferrari flipped several times, and he was thrown from the vehicle. Surprisingly, Spence wasn’t wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Later it became known that the boxer was charged with DWI. Arum, who’s managing the career of the other big star in the welterweight division – WBO champ Terence Crawford, believes they won’t meet inside the ring in 2020 or 2021 because he doubts Spence Jr. can make such a speedy recovery.

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I don’t think it’ll happen next year, and I don’t think it’ll happen the year after,” said Arum to IFL TV about the Spence vs. Crawford fight. “It’s not because the promoters don’t want it to happen, because I have grave doubts whether Errol Spence will be back in the ring in the foreseeable future, unfortunately as that may be.  I have received some inside intelligence that allows me to say that.

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“So let’s pass on Errol Spence, until we can see him face to face until he appears in public, and until we can establish he’s ready to go back into the ring. It’s unfortunate, but let’s not talk about it. He’s a lovely young man. That was a horrible accident he had. Let’s just leave it at that. It is good information. It is unfortunately very good information,” said Arum.

As of this moment, nobody can really say what’s going on with “The Truth”. A potential bout between him and the 32-year-old Crawford will be one of the biggest fights in all of boxing, but fans are starting to lose hope that they will ever see this fight made.

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