Bogdan Shumarov returns to SENSHI! (VIDEO)

Bogdan Shumarov returns to the ring at the professional fight night SENSHI 5. One of the most promising Bulgarian kickboxers will compete again on February 22 at the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna.

Injury failed Shumarov’s planned battle in October 2019, when he was going to test his skills at SENSHI 4. Now he is ready to return.

The fighter of “Boil” Varna has already made two SENSHI appearances, both of them ended with stunning victories. The first was against Ivan Timkov from Ukraine, and the second one was against Ilyas Boukayoua, who is a graduate of the living legend Peter Aеrts.

  • VIDEO of Bogdan Shumarov’s match on SENSHI 1 – HERE
  • VIDEO of Bogdan Shumarov’s match on SENSHI 2 – HERE

Shumarov will compete at up to 75 kilograms.

Although only 23 years old, he has dozens of medals from national and international kickboxing and muay thai tournaments. Shumarov is Balkan and world muay thai and kickboxing champion for amateurs, but also has European belt for professionals – the WAKO Pro K-1 style, at up to 71.8 kg category.

SENSHI 5 promises to bring once again some of the biggest names in martial arts and sports such as kickboxing, muay thai and karate kyokushin. As well as presenting SENSHI style bouts under the rules of the Professional League of Kyokushin World Union  which means elbows, head hits and throws are allowed.

The organizers have prepared exciting battles, and so far their number has been announced – 9. The captain of Bulgarian national kickboxing team Atanas Bozhilov and the record holder Nikolay Yorgov were already presented to compete on the fifth professional fight night. Also European and world taekwondo ITF and kickboxing champion – Albena Sitnilska, will debut at the fifth edition of SENSHI.

Tickets for SENSHI 5 are now on sale (you can buy them HERE) and are priced at 10 and 20 BGN.

Follow Boec.COM for more details about the show. You can also watch all SENSHI branded shows on is also a media partner. The fights are streamed live and free.

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