Bozhilov gets the win in the rematch with Alin Cimpan

Atanas Bozhilov won his second fight with Alin Cimpan in a dominant fashion at SENSHI 6. Both fighters showed high level kickboxing, but the captain of Bulgaria`s national kickboxing team edged out his opponent for the second time with a unanimous decision. The bout was in the K-1 ruleset under 75 kilograms.

The Romanian showed progression from the first fight, but Bozhilov`s low kicks and hooks to the body and the head worked really well as Cimpan was trying to get close to him. Bozhilov was beautifully side stepping when he was pushed and countered brilliantly with his kicks and punches.

Bozhilov continued his dominance and only in the third and final round he lost the control of the fight for a bit.

He got rocked by Cimpan, but managed to stay calm and recover without showing vividly that he is hurt. His quick footwork and fight IQ  worked really well for him again as he was able to find his perfect distance for attacking and stick to it.

Here`s video from the first fight. Expect a video of the rematch very soon:

Additional info, photos and videos from the fight night you can find at SENSHI`s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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