Breazeale: Wilder lost to Fury

To say Dominc Breazeale (20-1-0) was shocked when he herd the final verdict of the Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury clash back in December, will be an underestimation. Wilder’s next opponent was in the standings when the controversial draw was announced and he says he couldn’t believe that the Brit didn’t get the win.

“I couldn’t even stick around after that fight. When they called it a draw, everyone wanted to stick around and do interviews. I was so disgusted I had to leave. There’s no way in hell.

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“Yes, I understand you’re the heavyweight champ. You knock a guy down, you never wanna see a belt change hands. But at the same time, that dude, he put on a boxing clinic. And to see a guy [Fury] 6-9, 265 pounds do what he did, kudos. I tip my hat to that man. I think Fury definitely won that fight, hands down.”

“The Gypsy King” and “The Bronze Bomber” were on their way to do a rematch, but the Brit’s decision to join Top Rank postponed the rematch for an unknown date somewhere in the future. Soon after the World Boxing Council put “Trouble” as a mandatory challenger for the green and gold belt and the two Americans will square up on 18 May in Barclasy Center, New York.

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