Brian Ortega demands Korean Zombie sign contract, Zombie responds

The feud between Brian Ortega and “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung remains fresh.

On Monday, Ortega took to social media to renew his challenge to Jung after the two were originally set to face off this past December. Ortega was forced out of the contest with a torn ACL, but now he is accusing Jung of “stalling” when it comes to getting the fight re-booked.

“Someone tell Korean Zombie sign the contract,” Ortega wrote. “You been asked multiple times already. Give the fans what they want to see and quit stalling.”

It didn’t take long for Jung to respond. The one-time UFC featherweight title challenger told Ortega he should come to Korea in lieu of COVID-19 travel restrictions preventing Jung from traveling to the United States.

“I am sure you are aware why I can’t go to the states at this time,” Jung wrote. “If you would come to Korea, I am ready even in July. Otherwise, stay calm waiting for me. See you soon.”

While the U.S. has heavy restrictions on non-essential travel during the coronavirus pandemic, South Korea currently permits travel from the U.S., though all visitors are required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

Aside from being a matchup of two UFC fighters who have consistently provided thrills inside the cage, the rivalry between Ortega and Jung has become increasingly personal over the past few months.

At UFC 248 in March, Ortega and Jung were in attendance and they became involved in an altercation that also saw Jung’s friend Jay Park, a Korean-American musician, drawn into the fray. According to Ortega, he was upset with Jung and Park for questioning the reasons behind his withdrawal and that led to him slapping Park at UFC 248. That incident drew the ire of Jung, who called Ortega a “coward.”

Ortega would later issue an apology to Park and Jung, stating, “what I did as truly wrong.”


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