Bruno Carvalho: Rusi Minev is a nice guy and I am sorry that he has to loose (VIDEO)


Bruno Carvalho shared his thoughts about Rusi Minev and expressed his sorrow that he has to loose tonight against him in the SENSHI 21 ring when they face each other in KWU Open bout of the evening. The Portuguese fighter knows verry well the feeling inside the ropes because of his kickboxing background but for both of the this will be a first in their MMA careers.

He is a nice guy and I am sorry that he has to loose tomorrow”, Carvalho said for Boec at the open workout on Friday.

He has no concerns if the fight goes to the ground despite the 30 seconds limit. After all if you want to be successful in MMA you need to be a more well rounded fighter.

This will be my first MMA fight in a ring but before I was a kickboxer. Most of my life was spend inside the ring and I don’t have any problems with that“, he added.

Bruno Carvalho will go for the finish tonight. No matter if it is with a KO or a submission. Both of them are also OK if the judges decide the winner by points.

SENSHI 21 start at 6 pm local time in Varna, Bulgaria at the National palace of culture and sports.

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