Rusi Minev: I am ready for a full fight but I would like to finish him earlier (VIDEO)


Rusi Minev is just a few hours away from his SENSHI 21 debut and his homecoming after 5 year abroad with some of Europe’s finest organizations. His opponent will be Bruno Carvalho. Both of them are experiencing the KWU Open ring for the first time which rases allot of questions about the possible approaches from them. But the Bulgarian revealed that he is prepared for a full fight but would like to finish him early.

I am ready for a full fight but I also hope that we won’t go that far. I don’t have an issue if I win by decision or via stoppage“, Minev said in a special interview for Boec at the open workout a day before at SENSHY Gym.

Rambo also shared that he chatted a little with his opponent in the past few days and exchanged some positive thoughts but when they step into the ring there will be no place for sympathies if they want to win this.

In the mean time Rusi Minev has another fight on hand less than a month from now. But he doesn’t want to think about it because he wants to keep his focus only on Bruno Carvalho.

SENSHI 21 will start at 6 pm local time in Varna, Bulgaria at the Congresna hall.

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