Building a stronger neck (VIDEO)

It doesn’t matter if you’re into martial arts or not. Having a stronger and pain-free neck is essential to your fitness or combat sports goal. Your neck muscles are just like every other tissue in your body – the more you work them, the better and more flexible they get.

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and having a stiff neck. Pain is transferred down to your trap muscles and even the shoulders. That’s because they support the neck muscles and they should also be trained in order to get a nice and stable neck.

If your into some kind of combat sports, there’s no way you’re not working out your neck. Getting hit in the head multiple times can cause serious damage to your whole body due to the fact the central nervous system is located there.

Check out these easy and MUST-DO exercises that will for sure benefit your all-around health and body experience going forward.

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