Bulgaria captures 7 medals from the 14th european muay thai championship

The 14th European Muay Thai Championship was held in Belgorod, Russia from August 20-26. Bulgaria has once again emerged as one of the top European countries in this sport. All 7 of the Bulgarian participants won a silverware – 4 golden, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

Dragomir Petrov (67 kg), Hristiyan Korunchev (81 kg), Georgi Denev (54 kg) and Teodora Kirilova (54 kg) claimed the golden medals.

Peter Stoykov (71 kg) and Georgi Georgiev (60 kg) finished second in their categories. Georgiev faced a Russian fighter in the final, as the Bulgarian had a bad break. Both fighters landed elbows at the same time and after a medical intervention, it became clear that Georgiev has suffered a broken nose and the fight was called off.

Last, but not least, Plamen Kolev won a bronze medal. The team was led by Nikolay Atanasov (head coach) and Mario Kirilov (assistant coach).

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