Bulgaria secured two medals at KWUCHAMP 2019

The brothers Georgi and Christiyan Doychevi have managed to claim medals for Bulgaria at the KWU Karate Kyokushin World Championship Karate, which is being held in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Christiyan Doychev made it to the grand final on Sunday!

He defeated the Greek Basmacidis. In the 1/4-finals of 85 kg weight category, Doichev finished Pole Kamil Mastay in only minute fight, which also secured a medal from the championship.

The next opponent was from Russia – Stanislav Stepankov. Christiyan did not stop attacking until the end, and tomorrow will fight for gold against the representative of the hosts – Vladimir Artyushin.

Georgi Doichev earned the bronze medal in up to 80 kg category. He defeated karatekas from Spain and Ukraine, and in the most important battle of the 1/4-final phase, the Bulgarian defeated Dmitry Sajkovski of Latvia. In the semifinals, Russian competitor Alexander Drozd stopped him. In the 60-kg Dylan Nikolov started with victory over Pole Damian Bilbak, but then lost in the 1/4-finals against Sergio Movsesian of Georgia in a direct battle for a medal.

Shen Berkjan started with two victories – over Tunisian and Bahrain representative, but in then lost to Daniel Sternik of Poland at 65 kg.

At 75 kg. Dimitar Dimitrov started with a victory over a representative of the Republic of South Africa, but in the next phase he was outclassed by a representative of Afghanistan.

Yordan Miladinov and Georgi Ivanov reached the 1/4-finals in their respective categories, but lost their matches there. In the 90-kg Georgi Ivanov started with victory over an Iranian competitor, but at the 1/4-finals he lost to Suyunov from Kazakhstan.

Miladinov, started with a victory over the Chilean in the 95 kg category. However, in the 1/4-finals he lost to the representative of Germany – Ivan Demyanov.

Andrey Andreev lost in the first round in the 70 kg category from the host representative Yerkebulan Bersenbayev. Hristo Georgiev lost his first round match against Kazakhstani Rustam Avzalov.

All three of our women representatives dropped out of the race early. Gabriela Mircheva lost in her first match in the 50 kg category against Beth Rowlands from the UK. Kostova at 55 kilograms was eliminated by Merv Sesen from Turkey, and Mariela Lubenova, who missed the first round in the 60 kg category, lost in the second from Sweden’s Agnes Vestrin.

Bulgarian coaching staff in Kazakhstan is composed of Sensei Zahari Damyanov, Sensei Zhivko Andreev and Sempai Alexandra Marinova.

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