Bulgarian MMA star signs with Bellator

Bulgaria`s top welterweight MMA fighter Georgi Valentinov is now part of Bellator. The good news for Valentinov were confirmed by Bellator’s PR department. The fighter and his manager Nikola Atanasov also confirmed for Boec.COM the news.

“I’m exremely happy. After all the years of hard work, sweat, bloos, wins and losses it all pays off. However, how I perform in Bellator is more important than the contract itself”, were Georgi`s first words.

The 26-yrs old competitior has 21 professional wins and 5 losses behind his back. He is in a three fight winning streak.

“I’m 26 now and I feel ready for the big league! I would like to thank my manager Nikola Atanasov and my coach John Kavanagh for their faith and belief in me”, Valentinov added.

Georgi V. is now the fourth bulgarian to get signed by Bellator.

“It all depends on me now. I would like to thank all my friends and fans, who were always with me in my wins and my losses”

Kavanagh and Valentinov united forces this summer. The Irish coach gave a special interview for us when he was in Bulgaria. You can watch it here:

Nikola Atanasov is the one who got McGregor’s coach and Bulgaria’s next superstar together.

“I would like to congratulate Georgi for his contract with Bellator. The best is yet to come! Kavanagh, Georgi and I came a long way to make this happen”, Atanasov said proudly.

Just this month Kavanagh was in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, Georgi`s hometown, and cornered him for his victory against Flavio de Sousa at the latest edition of GRAND FIGHT ARENA.


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