Burroughs announces he will be back for 2021

While we don’t know much about what will happen yet in 2021 in regards to the Olympics Trials and the Games themselves, we do thankfully know one thing: Jordan Burroughs will be back. The Olympic gold medalist and four-time World champion took to Twitter yesterday to confirm his decision.

A crucial and necessary decision for the protection of humanity, but it still stings…My dreams are delayed, but they won’t be denied.”

If you’re worried about Burroughs’ training and mindset, don’t.

“To fulfill my civic duty I’ve traded mats for carpet, human bodies for Bulgarian bags, and sprints for Peloton pedal strokes. Imperfect? Yes. Ideal? No. But I’m far from stationary and I won’t be stopped.”

Before posting the above tweet, Burroughs reminded everyone that just because he has to wait one more year for the Olympics, doesn’t mean he won’t boss up.

In a time of such uncertainty, it’s nice to be reminded of the consistency of Jordan Burroughs. The New Jersey native has held down the 74 kg weight class for Team USA since making his first World Team in 2011. He is now 189-9 in his international career with an Olympic gold medal, four World gold medals, and three World silver medals.

However, in order to make it back to the Olympic Games Burroughs, Burroughs will have to go through four-time NCAA champion Kyle Dake, who will be dropping back down to the Olympic weight of 74 kg. While Burroughs’ holds a 7-1 lead in the series, Dake’s improvements over the last several years have led to two World titles and a lot of anticipation around their rematch.

Watch Burroughs talk to Mike Tirico about his plan:

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