Canelo talks Jacobs, Golovkin, and wanting to fight Kovalev

Ahead of his May 4th pay-per-view event, Canelo Alvarez takes a few moments to talk to Fight Hub TV about his thoughts on Daniel Jacobs, whether or not he thinks he needs a decisive win over Golovkin, and thinking about a light heavyweight fight against Sergey Kovalev. Check it out..

Canelo on what he makes of Jacobs as an opponent:

“He’s a great fighter. He’s a fighter with a lot of abilities, knows how to handle his guard, and knows how handle the ring. Strong, tall. So we know what we have in front of us but I believe I’m a fighter that has to adapt to all and be ready to win.”

On what he believes will happen in the fight:

“It will be complicated in the early rounds. I feel it’s going to be complicated in the early rounds but after I adapt I’m going to be winning the fight. I don’t know if the knockout will present itself but I’ll be looking for it and take it.”

On if he thinks Jacobs has a suspect chin:

“I don’t know. I don’t know…any opponent, if they’re connected properly, even if they don’t hit hard, can get knocked out. We need to get prepared and go for it and look for the knockout.”

On if he feels he has unfinished business with Golovkin:

“No, I beat him without a doubt. I don’t have any problem with that. I beat him twice so for me it’s over and that’s why I keep making these fights and keep making history but if there’s a possibility for a third fight because there aren’t better options, it will surely be another very good fight.”

On saying he wants to fight Sergey Kovalev and him being a much bigger fighter:

“It’s true. I don’t care [that he’s a big guy], I like it whenever there’s a risk or challenge for me.”


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