Cedric Doumbe – Murthel Groenhart headlines GLORY 76

A long-awaited trilogy is about to take place this upcoming March at GLORY 76.

GLORY’s welterweight title will be put on the lin on March 28 when the champion Cedric Doumbe (73-6-1) faces the number one challenger Murthel Groenhart (69-24-3). The pair was due to fight last October, but Doumbe withdrew because of an elbow injury.

Doumbe was replaced by Troy Jones, who got KO’d in the second round by Groenhart who won the interim championship.

The 27-year-old champ and the 33-year-old challenger will face each other for a third time, as the split the first two bouts. Doumbe defeated “The Predator” at GLORY 28 in 2016 and a year later The Dutch returned the favor claiming the welterweight title via SD.

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