Charles Oliveira confident he would knock out Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier

UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira says he is confident that he would knock out Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier if they fight.

Oliveira won the vacant UFC lightweight title when he knocked out Michael Chandler at UFC 262 in May. The winner of his last nine fights in a row, “Do Bronx” seems poised to fight the winner of the UFC 264 trilogy fight between McGregor and Poirier next. Speaking to the media ahead of next weekend’s blockbuster event, Oliveira said that he is feeling good about the possibility of facing either “Notorious” or “The Diamond” and is predicting that he will knock out either man if they step foot into the Octagon with him.

“I never choose opponents. I am always ready to fight. They are two big names in the sport, the lightweights. Everyone knows that a fight with Conor has a lot of money and one with Dustin not so much, but they are two great opponents. I don’t choose my fights. I will be ready. I really believe in my jiu-jitsu against either of them, but something tells me that if I fought them, I would knock them both out. I’m feeling fine,” Oliveira said.

“A few years ago, Charles was the jiu-jitsu guy, who walked forward, took a beating and was a little afraid. Today, I’m not afraid to fight these guys. The funny thing is that when I start fighting, they try to put me down, to do what I know best. This shows how much I’m evolving on my feet. It will definitely be a great fight. Charles, today, is not a jiu-jitsu fighter. He’s a complete fighter, both standing and on the ground, but I think everyone will be knocked out.”

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