Charline Van Snick our of the Euros in Sofia

Eight Belgian judoka will take part in the Sofia Euro (April 29-May 1). Belgium will be deprived of Charline Van Snick, not yet ready for a competition of this level.

She has not competed in any competition since the Tokyo Games, where she finished 7th.

Cédric Taymans and Koen Sleeckx, the French-speaking and Flemish technical directors, have decided on their selection for the Euro.

The 31-year-old from Liège, who won 6 medals at the European championships two of each metal between 2010 and 2020, admits that she is “not ready” for this meeting after resuming training later provided that.

“No date for the resumption of competition has yet been officially set”, she explains, while specifying that she will continue her career in the category U52kg.

The other leaders of Belgian judo: Matthias Casse, Sami Chouchi and Toma Nikiforov, will be present. For Nikiforov, these championships will have a very special flavor since they will take place in the country of origin of his parents and a few hundred meters from the home of his grandparents.

The Belgian selection


U60kg: Jorre Verstraeten.

U81kg: Matthias Casse and Sami Chouchi.

U100kg: Toma Nikiforov.

+100kg: Yves Ndao.


U48kg: Ellen Salens.

U57kg: Mina Libeer.

U70kg: Gabriella Willems.

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