Frank Warren: Whyte Needs to Meet His Promotional Obligations

Frank Warren wants to make it clear that Dillian Whyte is dangerously close to flouting his publicity requirements ahead of the world title clash with Tyson Fury.

The Fury-Whyte bout, which is for Fury’s WBC belt, will take place April 23 at Wembley Stadium in London. The fight has reportedly sold out the venue, nearly 94,000 tickets, a figure that evidently reflects an enormous appetite on the part of the British public to see their countryman in the ring. Fury, a native of Manchester, has not fought in his homeland in nearly four years.

“He’s obliged to do certain things,” Warren told

“Everything he doesn’t do is going to be a problem afterward. Breach of contract is a breach of contract.”

“One thing I’ve never done is roll over in my life. I’m not rolling over for him, that’s for sure. He needs to show up and he needs to meet his obligations, he needs to do all the things that all boxers do when they’re involved in big fights.”

“This guy is getting 32 times the purse he got lodged by the WBC for his last fight,” Warren said. “Why am I the enemy? Why? We’re paying him good money. He’s getting fortunes.”

“Our point of communication is with Jeff Benz, and Jeff Benz is absolutely ridiculous in where he’s at,” Warren said. “All he keeps doing is going off center, off course, coming up with other stuff that’s not in the contract.”

“All I want Dillian Whyte to do is what is in the contract, nothing more, nothing less. Up to now he has not done that. He’s in breach. He’s not done that.”

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