Chris Eubank Jr excited for future under guidance of Roy Jones Jr

It looks like Chris Eubank Jr has found a trainer that might stick around for awhile, as he tells RingTV that working with Roy Jones Jr has been of tremendous benefit to him. Eubank says he was able to link up with Jones because of the COVID-19 outbreak and that it’s a natural fit, learning from an all-time great.

“I’ve found someone who is a genius, a master, and he will be in my corner for the rest of my career. I’m very grateful for the time he’s spent with me, and I’m very excited to move forward and achieve big things with him by my side.”

Eubank admits that at age 31 he’s not going to completely reinvent himself, but says that with Jones in his corner he’s been developing in a way he didn’t believe possible. In particular Eubank credits Jones for keeping close attention on all the little things that add up to something much more significant.

“All these things are priceless gems that I’m getting exposure to each and every day. All of this has improved my boxing ability, and just from sparring I can see the difference. I’m very excited to get into the ring and see how that transfers over into real fight situations.”

Now that Eubank has signed a new deal with Kalle Sauerland, he’s planning to campaign back down at 160lbs where he feels he’s much more naturally suited. Eubank says he really only fought at 168 because there were bigger opportunities there, but wants to make his home at middleweight, saying a fight against Ryota Murata makes the most sense

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