Chris Weidman shares X-rays of broken leg

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman suffered one of the most gruesome injuries that ever took place inside the Octagon.

Weidman had his tibia and fibula completely broken at UFC 261 last Saturday. The 36-year-old sustained the injury only 13 into the opening round when his low kick attempt got blocked by Uriah Hall.

The American went into surgery on Sunday and later that day his wife shared a photo of him in the hospital after the surgery stating that everything went OK and it is rehab time.

The former champion previously told everyone about the procedure he underwent, which led to him getting a titanium rod in his leg to correct the completely broken tibia and fibula. Now, we can see what the rod looks like and how it is situated in his leg thanks to these new photographs.


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According to Weidman, his doctors told him he’ll be able to walk on his own after 8 weeks. The timetable for his return though, is not that optimistic, as he could be back no earlier than 10 months.

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