Claressa Shields has new nickname, ready for undisputed title fight

Claressa Shields and Marie-Eve Dicaire are set to fight for the undisputed junior middleweight championship on Friday, Mar. 5, with Shields defending the WBC and WBO titles, and Dicaire the IBF, with the vacant WBA also on the line.

Shields (10-0, 2 KO) was her usual outspoken self at today’s final presser.

“I’ve never been off boxing for 13 months and I’ve never wanted to get back in the ring so much. Training is OK and sparring is cool, but I don’t have the same intensity that I have when it comes to the fight and the belts are on the line and I’m fighting against a whole other country,” Shields said.

“To be honest, some of my hardest fights in the amateurs came from girls that were from Canada, even though I was very victorious in those fights. 77-1 in the amateurs. Canada has a strong background in boxing. I’m excited to be in the ring with someone like Marie-Eve Dicaire, who I feel wants to win as much a me and can accept how big this moment is.”

The now-former “T-Rex” also apparently has a new nickname.

“I want you to know I’m not taking prisoners. This is a new era for me. My name from now on is Claressa ‘The Wolf’ Shields,” she said. “‘T-Rex’ has long gone. ‘T-Rex’ was aggressive, but the greatest of all time has so much more. She possesses poise, power and punch placement.”

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