Claressa Shields: Marshall doesn’t have a better IQ than me

Claressa Shields laughed at Savannah Marshall’s claim Tuesday that she has more heart than the self-proclaimed “GWOAT.”

Shields dismissed Marshall during a conference call as a weight bully built up by beating smaller opponents who’ve taken fights against her on short notice.

“I can’t believe she said that she got heart,” Shields said. “That was just insane right there. No, she don’t have no heart. She won’t fight against no girl unless it’s a week notice, three weeks’ notice, I mean three days’ notice, or it’s a girl fighting at 147 coming up to 160. She hasn’t fought against a true 160-pounder or a girl who’s near her size. So, her talking about she got heart, that’s a myth.”

Shields (12-0, 2 KOs) also questioned Marshall’s assertion that she has more intelligence in the ring than an elite-level boxer who has barely lost any rounds on her way to winning world titles in three weight classes.

“As far as her [having] a better IQ than me, all the girls that beat her in the amateurs, I beat them the next day,” Shields said. “So no, she doesn’t have a better IQ than me. She got lucky the night that we [fought], that she won the world championship. But, you know, that’s just luck. But you can’t say she better than me. We fought in four different tournaments together, we been pro at the same time. You were signed to Mayweather Promotions and you still didn’t accomplish nothing.”

“But I’m a 12-time world champ, and you’re a one-time world champ. But you say that, you know, you’re a better fighter than me. That’s just inaccurate. No, she’s not. She can’t box better than me, not a better IQ. You’re already talking about retirement after the fight, so she’s already got that mindset. We all know what’s going on. Payday! Payday!”

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