Sambo School of coaches marks great success

The final exam for the first class of the Greek “School of Coaches” took place on July 3rd.

Of the 43 people who started training in February, 36 “students” of the school reached the finish line. Successful passing of the exam means for them the opportunity to officially work as SAMBO and kurash coaches in Greece, reports “”.


The “School of Coaches” was organized by the Hellenic Federation of SAMBO, Kurash, Chidaoba under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the country. The program was designed for 380 hours of theoretical lessons and 120 hours of practical lessons for each of the two sports – SAMBO and kurash.


“In the course of training, we had to expel several people – for poor progress or omissions. For those who managed to endure all stages of training and passed the exams, new opportunities are now opening up, because they have become the first coaches officially certified by the state.

In the coming days, the coaches will receive diplomas from the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports and will begin their work, which will benefit the development of SAMBO and kurash in our country,” said Merabi Iliadis, President of the National Federation.

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