Combat sports are being practiced in over 1400 schools in Bulgaria (VIDEO)

Bulgaria`s National Combat Sports Association has won 314 medals from World and European championships during 2019. The organization, which is headed by Shihan Ivo Kamenov, supports 12 federations, 476 clubs and more than 40 000 competitors in all age divisions.

In a press-conference earlier today Dimitar Angelov, who is part of the Headboard of NCSA did a review of 2019 and shared some of the plans of the organization for the upcoming 2020. He explained that The Association works with a wide network of clubs in Bulgaria and over 1400 schools. Part of this association are the kickboxing and muay thai con-federarion, karate kyokushin, taekwondo ITF, jiu-jitsu, sambo, kendo, kudo, wushu, shotokan karate do, sumo, aikido and arm-wrestling federations.

“This is the biggest sports organization in Bulgaria”, claims Angelov.

At the press-conference the big winners from the annual “Golden Belt” awards were at present. – Mariya Oryashkova, Albena Sitnilska, Kristiyan Doychev, Radoslav Penov and Petar Dragoev. They gave a quick summary of their upcoming challenges. The taekwondo and kickboxing champ Sitnilska emphasized on her preparation for the upcoming 5th edition of SENSHI in Varna where she will display her skills in K-1 style bout.

“On 22nd of January I will face a tough opponent from Ukraine and I am fully focused on my preparation for that bout. After this I`m going to test myself at the European Kickboxing championships”, claims Sitnilska.

The Big Winners from “Golden Belt”

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