Conor McGregor featherweight return is “achievable,” says nutritionist

Conor McGregor could conceivably return to the featherweight division, according to his nutritionist Tristin Kennedy.

McGregor is currently gearing up for a 155-pound lightweight contest with Dustin Poirier, which will headline the UFC 257 card on January 23. He’s also recently competed in the 170-pound welterweight division. Yet the Irishman’s UFC career began in the 145-pound featherweight division, where he ultimately captured the title with a blistering, first-round knockout of Jose Aldo.

While McGregor seems to perform best at lightweight, where he doesn’t have to endure an extreme weight cut, Kennedy believes the Irishman could return to the featherweight division—though he doesn’t want to see it happen himself.

“He’s a big guy these days,” Kennedy told ESPN of McGregor. “I wouldn’t like to see it from a personal point of view.

“Everything is achievable,” Kennedy added. “Look at Jose Aldo at bantamweight. But at what cost? Going down so low nowadays — when you see a man who fights at 170 no problem and competes very, very well at 170 and has no issues, why would he go down to 145? Especially when he conquered all that.

“Conor loves challenges. The 155 division, he’ll capitalize on that next, no problem. He’s already capitalized, and then probably the 170 division or whatever. That’s the great thing about Conor. He can go in between weight classes. Once you’re consistent with the diet and the training, you can point it wherever you need to go. Right now, it’s 155. Who knows what it’ll be in the future?”

While Kennedy believes McGregor could return to 145 pounds in the future, he seems to like the Irish star at lightweight, and says he’s currently in the best shape of his career.

“Several people have commented already that this is the best shape he’s ever been in,” Kennedy said of McGregor. “They’re the people that are closest to him throughout all the camps. [Striking coach] Owen Roddy just said it. John Kavanagh just recently said it. I would absolutely agree. I guess going from what I’ve seen and what I know, the man is phenomenal and ready to take on this fight and do well.”

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