Conor McGregor and Cristiano Ronaldo are now neighbors

Conor McGregor and Cristiano Ronaldo are now neighbors after the Portugal star bought mansion in Marbella. The football player paid 1,5 million dollars for the luxury villa.

It is located at the heart of The Heights in the La Resina golf and country club estate.

Both UFC and Juventus superstars are old friends. They often promote each other and publish pictures of themselves. They even trained together in the past.

McGregor praised Ronaldo, reported:

“Cristiano is a phenomenal athlete, person, and entrepreneur. His all-around discipline, perfectionist attitude, and dedication to his craft is inspiring and has inspired so many young children to play football,” McGregor said.

McGregor also added that both him and Ronaldo are dominating their respective sport.

“We are both disciplined athletes at the top of our game,” McGregor added.

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