Controversial win for Askren in his UFC debut (VIDEO)

In what was one of the most anticipated events of UFC 235, Ben Askren (19-0) made his debut in UFC and won his fight against former welterweight champ Robbie Lawler (28-13) via Technical Submission (Bulldog Choke) in the first round.

It was a horrible beginning of the match for Askren, as he tried to take Lawler to the ground in the first seconds and instead got reversed, picked up and dropped on his head.

Lawler immediately unleashed some massive punches and for a second it seemed that “Ruthless” is on his way to the victory. The 34-year-old Askren managed to roll on his back, but Robbie found openings and landed some nasty elbows in Askren’s head resulting in a nasty cut above his left eye.

Seconds after that “Funky” and Lawler were back on their feet and Askren went in “takedown mode” and even though he ate some good right hands in the process, he managed to get his opponent down.

The former UFC champ immediately tried to get back on his feet, but instead, he found himself in a bulldog choke. Literally, two or three seconds after the headlock was wrenched, Lawler’s right hand dropped on the floor in weightlessness and Herb Dean rushed into stopping the contest. The moment Askren let go, Lawler stood up and he couldn’t believe that the fight was stopped, as it was obvious he wasn’t unconscious from the choke.

It was a pretty bizarre scene as there should be no doubt in anybody’s mind that Herb Dean was doing his best job and wanted to protect Lawler who looked done.

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