Countdown to anticipated ANOC World Beach Games

Karate will make its debut in the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games in less than two weeks and anticipation grows among fans of the sport. The Karate competition of the ANOC World Beach Games is scheduled to be held from October 12 to 13. Top karatekas from all over the world are counting the days to show Karate’s sporting spirit in the multi-sport event. 

The city of Doha in Qatar is ready to host the anticipated 2019 ANOC World Beach Games. More than 1200 athletes from nearly 100 countries will be taking part in the 14 disciplines of the event. The Karate tournament will comprise individual kata categories; No less than 64 athletes will participate in the Karate competition at the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games. Thirty-three countries from five continents will be represented.

As the countdown to the start of the Karate tournament intensifies, Karate stars are making their way to Doha to show their abilities over the sand. The competition will begin on October 12 with the first rounds of Male and Female Kata. The finals are scheduled for October 13 from 17:45 (local time).

The high level of competition in Doha is guaranteed as four current World Championships medallists will compete at the event, including defending World champion Sandra Sanchez of Spain and current World Championships runner-up Damian Quintero of Spain.

The event will also see eight defending continental champions competing for gold in Doha. Sandra Sanchez and Damian Quintero from Spain, Sanae Agalman and Adnane Elhakimi of Morocco, Maria Dimitrova of the Dominican Republic, Ariel Torres from the USA, Alexandrea Anacan from New Zealand and Vu Duc Minh Dack from New Caledonia will defend their status of continental title-holders at the event.


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