Cup of Saxony held in Germany

The “Cup of Saxony” international SAMBO tournament took place on April 20 in Heidenau, Germany. Held 11 times, this tournament has already become traditional.

About 150 participants from Russia, Germany, and Ukraine took part in the competition.

Winners of the tournament won various awards, prizes, and cups. So, Strecker Maxim (Hannover, Germany) won the Cup “For the Fastest Victory”; Artur König (Heidenau, Germany), the Cup “For Fair Competition and Sports Ethics”; Jaromir Belousov (Nevinnomyssk, Russia), “For Best Technique” Cup; Alexander Mikheev (Nevinnomyssk, Russia), the “Best Tournament Referee” Cup; and Vitali Wirtenberger (Hamburg, Germany), the “Par Terre Power” Cup. “Fedor Emelianenko Cup” for the best technique in combat SAMBO was taken by Oskaras Buinickas (Berlin, Germany).

‘We all know that SAMBO is the Science of Winning. Today, many of you will take your exams in SAMBO: there will be wins and defeats, there will be joy and disappointment. There will be everything that SAMBO is so rich in. All in all, SAMBO is our life,’ proclaimed Olena Leipold, Secretary General of German SAMBO Federation who attended the tournament in Saxony.



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