Cyborg accused of “poorly editing” Dana White video

Former UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate has accused Cris Cyborg of editing the video of her conversation with Dana White in a way to make the series boss look bad.

The Brazilian fighter published a clip yesterday, in which she calls White “a liar” to his face for saying that she was afraid to fight Amanda Nunes again.

“It was really edited poor right there,” Tate said on MMA Tonight. “And I watched his mouth very closely. And, to me, the word ‘truth’ did not look like where they ended. It looked like he was saying, ‘When I’m saying stuff about that, I’m not talking’ … and I’m not convinced that the subtitles are accurate and exactly what he said. That’s my stance on it. I think the video was definitely edited to favor the stance for Cyborg. I think the video was horribly edited because he was mid-sentence. He was mid-sentence, and they just cut it off. And I did not hear the word ‘truth,’ and it was in stride of another sentence. I didn’t get his lips pairing with the word ‘truth.’

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