Dana White doesn’t believe Daniel Cormier will retire after Saturday

Even though Cormier himself has said it numerous times, there are still people that don’t believe the trilogy fight with Stipe Miocic will be his last dance inside the Octagon.

This Saturday “DC” is facing UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic in UFC 252’s main event and according to the American himself, that will be it.

Image: БТА

However, the President of UFC believes that the 40-year-old Cormier will have at least one more fight no matter if he wins, loses, or draws against Stipe.

“No, it’s not. It’s obviously going to depend on how the fight plays out on Saturday night. If Cormier wins in spectacular fashion this will not be his last fight. And knowing him the way I do if he loses then it will be I can’t go out like this.” said White.

“You know me when people start talking about retirement I think they should, Stipe who people were saying is probably going to retire after this too, but he squashed that tonight. I don’t think either one of them should retire, they’re two of the best in the world and they’ve still got a lot left in them.”

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