Dana White: Usman and Masvidal acted like neanderthals

UFC president Dana White is really disappointed from the verbal altercation between Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman. The pair attracted a lot of attention at Super Bowl XLIV’s Radio Row last week.

“I don’t love it,” White said. “People think because I’m a promoter I’m like – Cha-ching. That’s great for us. But it’s not great for us. We’re here at the Super Bowl – Radio Row at the Super Bowl, the NFL – and these two are acting like neanderthals.”

In a venue largely filled with non-MMA followers, White thinks a scene of that magnitude is unsettling and problematic.

“The problem is for the people who (are) in here and the media, it scares (non-MMA) people like this,” White said. “That’s a scary thing when that goes down. If they touch each other, now the police get involved. We’re regulated by the government. Now, the athletic commissions are getting involved.

“Those two are going to fight in Las Vegas in “International Fight Week” for 25 minutes. They can do whatever they want to each other. That fight’s happening. You don’t have to do it here at Radio Row at the Super Bowl.”

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