Daria Bobrikova: We live in very complex situation

Daria Bobrikova  was a judoka fighting for Russia until 2019. Due to the war she landed in a very difficult position. She lives in Ukraine and married to another judoka – Bogdan Iadov, in 2020.

The former member of the Russian national team met Iadov at a tournament in Paris in 2019. She is a former Junior Russian Champion and took Russian national medals in each age category. She competed at most European and World Championships as a cadet and junior. In 2018 she became Russian senior champion in her category U52kg. She collected medals at European Cups and after a consistent season she made her debut at the Grand Slam in Tokyo. In 2018 and 2019 she competed at most Grand Slams and Grand Prix events and had a medal fight at the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam.

“I really wanted to continue competing, but the coaches of the national team and the Russian Judo Federation refused to give me such an opportunity and I did not wait for three years of suspension”, said Bobrikova. “Therefore, I was forced to stop actively doing judo. It was my job. I’m not in the military, judo was my occupation. In 2019, when I decided to move to Ukraine, I broke with all structures.”

“After what has happened these weeks in Ukraine, I cannot to return to the Russian Federation. Now, my homeland is Ukraine, after I got married, I have never been to Russia. Now I am in a position, and I would be happy to help Ukrainian people as a volunteer.”

“My husband Bogdan and I live in Kyiv in the Goloseevsky district. When Russia started the war, I went to Krivoy Rog to Bogdan’s parents and now I am here.”

“It is a very complex situation, also my friends in Russia are divided. There are friends who take risks knowing how dangerous it is in Russia. Others simply empathize, but are afraid to publicly express their opinion. There are many people who believe in the propaganda that is shown on Russian TV.”

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