Darren Till has a “call day”

One ranked fighter who doesn’t seem afraid of doing not-so-smart business is Darren Till. How we know this?

The 6th ranked middleweight took to Twitter to tell Khamzat Chimaev he would be ready to fight him, after his scheduled bout with the 4th ranked Jack Hermansson in December.

“Rankings have never mattered in (the UFC),” wrote Till. “(Khamzat Chimaev) after I destroy (Hermansson) in December, if you are still struggling to get a match. I’ll give you a go at the big boys son!!!”

Other top fighters aren’t that interested in taking on the unranked Chechen.

Later the same day Till called second fighter:

“F*ck it. I’m having a call out day today. Where the f*ck are you Yoel Romero?”

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