Darren Till predicts McGregor – Cerrone

One of the most popular UFC middleweights and a former welterweight contender made a bold prediction for the upcoming welterweight bout between Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone.

It’s safe to say Darren Till is excited about the clash between the former two-division champion and the fighter with most UFC wins in history.

Till broke the fight down before predicting an early win for “The Notorious One” when it’s all said and done.

“I can not fuc*ing wait for Conor X Cowboy next week. Feels like the old Conor is back. Both are right up for this. Cowboy’s camp have more to be concerned with than just Conor’s left hand though. As a southpaw it’s not the left hand. It’s the set ups from the left hand, the spinning kicks, the faints, angles, etc… It all draws you onto that left hand. Also that’s just not what he brings!

“You don’t beat who he beat by just having a left hand. If I would have taken my own advice above against [Jorge] Masvidal rather than just coming out to try to stream roll him. But he done me fair and good! Anyways a fu*king tear up next week! I’ve got Conor 1st round TKO, feel like the occasion might be too much for Cowboy! But that’s just my opinion, Cowboy’s been around a lot longer than me and knows a hell of a lot more.”

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