David Benavidez: I feel like we’re in good position for Canelo fight

Super middleweight contender David Benavidez isn’t troubled by rumors that Canelo Alvarez is supposedly considering a fight with Jermall Charlo.

Phoenix’s Benavidez (25-0, 22 KOs) thinks Alvarez (57-1-2, 39 KOs) will pick Houston’s Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs), since that fight would take place on the pay-per-view platform, a service that DAZN has not ever offered in the past, although it has hinted at the possibility of doing so.

“I feel like we’re in good position, too, because I’m on PBC, obviously,” Benavidez told FightHype.com “I think Canelo is loving that pay-per-view money. It’s way more money with pay-per-view so I feel like we’re in good position. It is what it is.”

“Hopefully I get my opportunity after.”

Benavidez has been critical of the narrative – one fostered by Alvarez’s trainer Eddy Reynoso – that he is not deserving of a shot against the Mexican superstar.

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“That’s a big question,” Benavidez said.  I’m not really a hundred percent sure. I guess the only factor at play is that Charlo was a champion at 160 so they’re probably gonna give him the opportunity first.”

Benavidez added, “It’s a great fight for the fans, for the sport.”

“I think the fight with Charlo is going to be the toughest fight for Canelo that he’s had in a while,” Benavidez continued. “I also wouldn’t be surprised if Canelo knocks Charlo out.”

Benavidez, who is reportedly set to face Quebec’s David Lemieux in his next bout, views his current position as win-win.

“I’m still in a good position,” Benavidez said. “I want a fight with both of those guys. If Canelo wins I get a fight with Canleo. If Charlo wins, I get a fight with Charlo, so those are two fights that I want anyway.”

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