David Benevidez misses weight, loses WBC belt (VIDEO)

David Benevidez is no longer the WBC super-middleweight champion of the world after he couldn’t make weight for his upcoming title defense against Alexis Angulo.

Tonight the Mexican American will face Angulo, but only the Colombian will be eligible to win the WBC strap. Yesterday at the official weigh-in, Benavidez came in at 77.4 kilos, 1.2 kg more than the allowed 76.2 kg limit.

Angulo, 36, weighed in at 76 kilos which means if Benavidez gets the W, the belt will become vacant.

Benavidez said he tried to lose the extra weight in the past two days, but the last three pounds never came off and he made the decision not to try to cut any more weight.

“I’m very disappointed. Obviously this is my first time missing weight,” Benavidez said. “I’m very disappointed losing my title on the scales, but I still have a job to do tomorrow. I lose the title, but I’m still going to win the fight tomorrow.”

Still, this is not the first time that Benavidez has lost a world title outside the ring. Back in 2018 after two consecutive wins over Ronald Gavril, the Mexican American failed a drug test for cocaine and was stripped of his WBC strap.

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