De La Hoya: Breakup with Canelo hurt my feelings

Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya is ready to plow ahead in the wake of Canelo Alvarez.

The face of professional boxing left his company last month.

The way De La Hoya sees things he has rebuilt Golden Boy in the past and believes he is well positioned to do it again.

“We’ve persevered through everything,” De La Hoya told BoxingScene. “We’ve gone through hell back and guess what? We’re still here. Golden Boy has a boxing brand, a lifestyle brand. It’s stronger than ever. People have tried to take us down, tried to buy us out, but there’s no price tag on the potential of this brand. There’s no price tag and so whether people from outside the U.S., whether it’s investors, hedge funds, whatever you want to call it, people with money with ulterior motives, with bad motives, you can’t take us down.”

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“I’ve weathered the storm like you have no idea,” De La Hoya said. “You had people trying to get us out of the game. It’s a constant fight whether it was back in the day with Al Haymon, who tried to take over boxing. You know how that goes. It’s just interesting how we’re living it once again.”

“But Golden Boy is a strong brand. (We have) a kid like Ryan Garcia, who has that appeal to the younger masses, who has that appeal to the digital world. We have to once again roll up our sleeves and figure out what works and what doesn’t.”

“(Canelo leaving is) one fighter and the way we see it is that when you’re a fighter who obviously is at the end of his career — he’s not young guy, he’s not a guy who just started his boxing career like Ryan Garcia or Vergil Ortiz or like ‘JoJo’ Diaz or Jamie Munguia — it makes it easier for us to roll our sleeves up and rebuild.”

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