Deontay Wilder tells Breazeale he “loves him” (VIDEO)

The WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (41-0-1) might have said some brutal things to Dominic Breazeale (20-2) in the build-up to their fight, but yesterday the 33-years-old Alabama native showed his classier side saying that he loves Breazeale.

Wilder retained his WBC strap after a brutal first-round KO in front of sold-out Barclays Arena in New York.

“I know there’s been a lot of animosity, hatred, and chaos towards each other. There were a lot of words that were said,” Wilder said.

“I told him I love him and, of course, I want to see him go home to his family. I know we say some things that we mean sometimes, but when you get into a fight and settle your differences as men, hold your gloves up… this is what this sport is all about.

“You can come to the next guy and you can hug him and kiss and say thank you so much, instead of other things. I wish the world was like that.”

Wilder also called on his fans to be patient as he insisted a fight with Anthony Joshua WILL happen.

“I think it will happen. It’s going to happen. I believe in all my heart it will happen,” “The Bronze Bomber” said.

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