Deontay Wilder: Tyson Fury has pillows as fists

As WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder gears up to defend his belt in a Feb. 22nd rematch with Tyson Fury, Wilder makes it known that he’s coming to finish what he started in their first meeting.

Fury has recently made comments that he’s going to knock Wilder out in two rounds, and Wilder says Fury is pretty crazy so he’ll have to be prepared for an early charge, but that if Fury is serious he’ll get more than he bargained for.

“I don’t know what he will do. He’s crazy, man. If he believes in it, I must take his word for it. But it’s different when you step in the ring. I’m the biggest puncher in boxing history.

“I think Tyson has pillows as fists. He has skill but you can’t have it all.”

After Wilder added that he didn’t feel any power from Fury at all when they first fought, the champion says he sort of hopes Fury does come looking for a knockout because that will help him walk Fury into a big shot. Fury obviously has no designs on just handing Wilder an easy night though, so Wilder says Fury is going to have to play keep away for the duration.

“I am blessed with power. It’s his job to stay away. Thirty-six minutes he has to avoid me.”

Do any of you believe Fury will gun for a KO in this heavyweight rematch, or will he play it safe and try to take it on points?


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