Deontay Wilder: Tyson Fury’s lineal title talk dies with him

Deontay Wilder says Tyson Fury’s invisible lineal heavyweight title that he mentions frequently will DIE with him on February 22nd, because he’s NEVER going to mention that to anyone.

“No, I won’t”, said Wilder to Thaboxingvoice when asked if he’ll accept Fury’s lineal heavyweight title if he beats him. “I don’t care nothing for it at all. We only heard about this lineal championship stuff when Fury came out.”
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“He won the belt from Klitschko, but never defended it”, said Wilder about Fury. “I know that hurts. Even though you had the opportunity to defend it, but you allowed yourself not to have it, because you wanted to play with your nose.”
“That’s OK. That was part of your choice drug to use, but you did it a little too much and went over from there,” said Wilder. “He never allowed himself to have the opportunity to defend those titles. So now he’s trying to have some kind of validation for it. I think it’s like holding a bunny at night. He needs to hold his bunny at night, because he’s dwelling about how he had the titles, but then did nothing with it”, said Wilder.
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“The lineal dies with Tyson Fury come February 22. It begins with him, and it dies with him, as far as talking about the lineal stuff. I don’t care about that. It doesn’t mean nothing to me. That ain’t even important, at least not in my eyes and many others as well”, said Wilder about Fury’s lineal title.

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