Derek Chisora ponders MMA fight while waiting to face Oleksandr Usyk

Heavyweight contender Dereck Chisora obviously has the itch to fight again as he contemplates taking a Bellator MMA in July as he waits to take on Oleksandr Usyk in long delayed boxing match. Talking to ESPN about the prospect of a crossover fight, Chisora says:

“If the date doesn’t come up for Usyk I think I will be doing Bellator in July while I wait. I’m going in the Octagon and we are talking to them [Bellator] at the minute and it might happen in July in the U.K.

“I’ve been [MMA] training for two and half years at London Shootfighters in Wembley with Alex Demetriades. I can do the MMA while I wait for the Usyk fight. It will be doing both at the same time.”

The British fighter says he’s not particularly keen on the prospect of fighting in front of no fans — which isn’t surprising since he’s known as a fan favorite that thrives off the crowd’s energy — but that’s basically the world we’re facing at the moment. Even still, Chisora firmly believes there will be live fans by the time he squares off with Usyk.

As for his potential MMA fight, there has been no word on a potential opponent, but these sort of crossover fights have been rumored pretty frequently as of late, with Dillian Whyte also being linked to Francis Ngannou.


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