Derrick Lewis says he “wants a piece” of Alistair Overeem before he retires

Derrick Lewis still hopes he gets the chance to fight Alistair Overeem.

For years now, it appeared Lewis and Overeem were on a collision course, leading to the two trash-talking one another. However, for whatever reasons, the fight was never made and with Overeem’s fighting future uncertain, Lewis makes it clear he wants that fight to happen.

“No, don’t go yet, you still got it, man, you still go it,” Lewis said at media day. “If Overeem is watching this, man, you still go it. Look at my eyes, you still go it. So, do not hang up them yet because I really do want a piece of that and clap them cheeks, no homo.”

Why Derrick Lewis wants to fight Alistair Overeem is simple. He is annoyed that the legend said it would be an easy fight for him. Both men have also accused one another of turning the other down.

“He said it would be an easy fight between me and him, it is an easy payday for him,” Lewis said. “What else did he say? That he never turned any fight down but I believe we called him out four times in the last three years and he didn’t want any of it.”

Lewis is set to fight Curtis Blaydes in the main event of UFC Vegas 19 this Saturday. Regardless of the outcome, it appears he wants to face Overeem next time out. Given the state of the heavyweight division, “The Black Beast” wouldn’t get a title shot even with a win over Blaydes so he will need to remain active and the fight against Overeem makes sense. Yet, it is still uncertain if the Dutch fighter even plans on continuing his career.

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