Devin Haney: Floyd was on a totally different level as Lomachenko

Unbeaten lightweight contender and #2 WBC – Devin Haney (22-0, 14 KOs ), says boxing fans will start demanding that WBA, WBC and WBO champion Vasiliy Lomachenko fight him. This is going to happen if he beats #3 WBC Zaur Abdullaev (11-0, 7 KOs) in their fight on September 13.

Here is the interview:

“I think Floyd was on a totally different level as Lomachenko”, said Haney to Fighthype.

“Lomachenko did lose to Orlando Salido. They try to forget about these things.  I don’t know if they’re sweeping these things under the rung or what. He did lose to Salido. So whether they like it or not, he lost. I like there are some similar things that we do, me training with the Mayweather’s for so long. Me being young when he was young. I do think we do some similar things. And, I always watch Pretty Boy Floyd and Roy Jones. I watch those guys. It may have an influence on some of my performances. And, I watch Canelo a little bit, but not for my last fight. I didn’t watch Canelo. I watched Pretty Boy Floyd and I watched Roy.”

It’s clear that if Haney beats Abdullaev and looks good, boxing fans will demand Lomachenko fight him.

“That’s what they’re doing. They’d developing me for the world stage, that top level, that I feel like after this fight, I‘ll be ready for”, said Haney about his fight against Zaur Abdullaev on September 13.

“Hopefully, I’ve been training hard. I’m hoping there’s a sensational knockout like that. Who knows? We’ll see. If I get a crazy knockout like that, I’ll go through the roof. People will demand the fight with the top guys.”

“I’ll take me to the next level as far as people demanding these fights. This is a dream come true. I never thought it would come this early. I’m blessed, I worked hard for it. We’ll have to see. I don’t want it to come too early. I want it to come right on time,” said Haney about a fight between him and Lomachenko. “If it happens too early, it may be too much. If it’s right on time, I go there, look good, and look good doing it. I said Lomachenko would beat Luke Campbell. I don’t judge anyone off of one performance”, said Haney.

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