Did you know… 6 tips for winning at Arm Wrestling

Everyone has arm-wrestled since they were a kid. It may look easy, but contains hard psychological elements. There are basic movements and few tips and tricks:

1. Size doesn’t matter!

If your opponent is not a quality professional the size is not everything. If he is bigger – his confidence will be bigger, too. You should take advantage of that.

2. Pretend you are part of the table

Plant the foot that matches your dominant hand under the table with your hip touching the edge. With your free hand, grip the edge or push down on the top for stability.

3. Remember to breathe

There’s no benefit to treat the match like a diving expedition. The lack of oxygen will just tire your muscles.

4. Beat the hand, not the arm

For the best chance of winning, opt for the top roll, which involves sliding your hand up your opponent’s so your grip is attacking the top portion nearest the fingers. That way, he or she is recruiting fewer major muscle groups to resist.

5. In a stalemate, wait for an opening

The moment you feel their arm lose tension, attack!

6. Scream!

It is part of the mind game. You can make someone lose their focus easily.

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