Dillian Whyte calls Deontay Wilder the ‘World’s Biggest Coward’

Dillian Whyte might have woken up in his feelings this Monday, taking yet another opportunity to rip WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. Whyte, the WBC’s #1 rated challenger to Wilder’s belt, has still yet to receive his mandatory title shot and it doesn’t look like he’ll get one this year either. And that’s not sitting well with Whyte.

“Congratulations to Bronze Bomber who has been awarded a special belt by WBC Boxing the WBC Worlds Biggest Coward belt to be known as the WBC WBC belt for successfuly avoiding me as his official #1 ranked challenger for over 800 days,” Whyte posted on his social media account.

But while Whyte continues to express his displeasure with the treatment he’s received by the WBC and its champion, Wilder prepares for a big heavyweight rematch against Tyson Fury set for next month.

Source: Badlefthook.com

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