Discipline as the key factor at KWU Summer Camp 2020

 The tradition has been kept!

The 14th International Summer Kyokushin Camp in Kamchia has officially started. The beginning was given last night, despite the many changes in the sports calendar and the coronavirus pandemic. Like always the organization is in the hands of the Bulgarian kyokushin federation and Kyokushiun World Union (KWU).

The first event was the technical conference in which participated representatives from 14 countries. This year in Kamchia there are more than 600 fighters coming.

The main topic was the health of every participant. The organizers appealed for keeping social distancing and being disciplined. The different delegations have to reduce their communication in close distance and keep good hygiene, avoid handshakes.

Shihan Asen Asenov (6th Dan) introduced the delegations to the instructions by the KWU. Participants, coaches and officials were allowed to enter Bulgaria only with negative PCR tests.

During the camp there will be Iaido practices and KWU International Professional League practices, aswell as the World KWU Cup for juveniles. One of the most anticipated events is the sixth edition of SENSHI.


The summer camp is part of the calendar of BKKF for 2020.The goals are to establish the friendship between KWU members and international organizations, development in the sports technicality of the participants, development in the proficiency of the coaches and holding exams for higher ranks for coaches and athletes.

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