Don King wins Trevor Bryan vs Daniel Dubois purse bid with $3.1 million offer

daniel dubois

As expected, Don King turned in a titanic bid to secure the rights to Trevor Bryan vs. Daniel Dubois today, submitting a $3,116,001 offer that defeated Frank Warren’s entry by more than $600,000. Per Jake Donovan, reigning “world” champ Bryan will be the beneficiary of a 55/45 split.

This marks the third time in the last two years that King has submitted a seven-figure purse, but if it goes through, this will be the first time he actually had to pay it. Twice he won bids to stage Bryan’s (22-0, 15 KO) mandated clash with Mahmoud Charr, only to screw Charr by refusing to actually produce the signed contract Charr needed to get his visa. The WBA have had no issue with this blatantly transparent ploy thus far, even stripping Charr of his belt, so don’t be at all surprised if King does it as many times as necessary to waste time until Bryan’s mandatory slot comes up in the rotation.

There’s no intrigue in the fight itself; if they share a ring, Dubois (17-1, 16 KO) will beat the living snot out of Bryan, whose best wins came over an overweight BJ Flores and a massively shot Bermane Stiverne. The real question is if whether King cashes out here or lets it ride.

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